An Hour in a Coffee Shop

Get out the bed at 8am, rush everything and still be late for work most of the days, struggle to make through the day, get home and eat dinner while watching TV shows with my boyfriend and maybe do some my own work after few episodes if there’s still some energy left in me. That’s how usually my day goes. I mostly see the same people everyday and I hardly get some time on my own.

One day I was dying for some good coffee and I decided to spend my lunch break in a coffee shop. As I was so brain-dead, I couldn’t bother to check my phone or anything, I just sat there drinking my caramel latte and started observing people in the room – guess their personalities and lifestyles based on the way they act, also unavoidably overhear some conversations. It’s an hour by myself but surround by many colourful characters.


Many sit alone with a laptop or a tablet or a phone. Nowadays, we are so overwhelmed by technologies. There are so many thing to do with a smart device. One of my friend even acted surprised when I said I took a sketchbook and pens everywhere I go, just in case I have some ideas to write down. ‘…but you have notes on your phone!’ she responded. This might would be many people’s reactions – physical paper and pens are so old schools.

We spend so much time on a screen that we are missing things happening around us. Although nothing extraordinary, it’s easier to find life’s amazing when one pays attention to small things around him. Some real things in real-time rather than some videos online show you that people are awesome somewhere else in the world.

An hour in a coffee shop becomes many hours in there and one page notes and sketches become almost a book full. We all need some time to ourselves and this is how I enjoy mine.

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