Freetown Christiania in Copenhagen

When I visited Copenhagen, I had no plan. Well, I don’t usually plan my trip too much, I believe that over-planning will kill the fun of travelling. I knew Christiania was a hippie town built in an old military base, running by its own rule though it locates in the centre of Copenhagen. However, I didn’t know what to expect.


Oh my! Art galleries, old shops, graffitis everywhere, people hanging out together, drinking beer, playing guitar and singing outside of a playground. I felled in love with this place! Although there were quite some tourists but it was easy to recognize who’s local, they look care-free, happy, friendly but also has an attitude. They are enjoying life! and this experience made me think…


I often feel that I am worrying too much about things, relationship, family, career, wealth, dream, my life etc. Sometimes it is hard not to because people around me are like that too. Although most of time I can easily get myself out of that situation but it is indeed very annoy. We always want something better, and we get a sense of happiness and success by achieving them. But these good feeling don’t last long because soon there’s something better waiting for you to achieve.

Some might enjoy that kind of routine but I am trying to keep myself away from that. I appreciate the little things in life, like the smile on people’s face, the sound of laughter, the smell of my favourite food, the changes in the scenery of nature and many more.

I don’t know what I want to do in 3 or 5 or 10 years or even next year when I graduate but I want to live my life.

“The less I own, the more freedom I have.”  the philosophy of Freetown Christiania.  🙂



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