Living with Anxiety and Why it’s Happening

I've been suffered from anxiety for many years, on and off, all started when I was in college. The very first time of me strongly feeling myself is suffering from such a thing, it took me a long time to get out of it... Almost not want to admit, I am stressed out these days, I am suffering again...

Getting Creative with Photos and Illustrations

Once in a while, I go through a period of time struggling to bring my creativity to life; finding difficult to start a drawing, edit a photo and other little things I do. I hate it. I was looking through my old photos and found this self-portrait I took a while ago but just left… Continue reading Getting Creative with Photos and Illustrations

Freetown Christiania in Copenhagen

A hippie town built in an old military base, running by its own rule though it locates in the centre of Copenhagen. Art galleries, old shops, graffitis everywhere, people hanging out together, drinking beer, playing guitar and singing outside a playground. I felled in love with this place...

Those Little Moments – w/ Gudak app

Recently I discovered this photo app called Gudak Cam and i am in love with it! It basically brings the feeling of using a Kodak disposable camera to our phone. It gives you 24 frames in a 'roll', you are only able to see a tiny viewfinder on the screen. Once a 'roll' is finished,… Continue reading Those Little Moments – w/ Gudak app